Coating And Lining

Coating And Lining

In our factory produced spiral welded steel pipes; Surface cleaning is performed on internal and external shotblasting machines, internal and external coatings are performed according to customer requirements and related standards.


Before the coating, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are cleaned from the materials such as rust, oil and dust which are found on the surface of the skelp or from the pipe production processes and the surface roughness required for the coating is provided. This process is carried out with shotblasting turbines that rotate at high speed by using grit and steel shot in internal and external shotblasting machines. Internal surface cleaning of small diameter pipes is performed by pneumatic blasting method. Sa 2½ - Sa 3 surface quality is achieved and the required tests are performed according to the relevant standards.


In order to protect the steel pipe surface against corrosion, epoxy paint systems on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are the preferred application. This coating is one of the most common types of coating used in water line pipes, sewage pipes , piles and hydroelectric power plant projects. The application is carried out automatically with airless paint pumps. According to customer requirements, purpose of application and thickness; epoxy primer , zinc-rich epoxy, solvent-free epoxy, epoxy coal-tar and other epoxy topcoat paints are applied in one or several layers of paint.


Epoxy powder coating applied as a single layer on the outer surfaces of pipes is an economical coating application which provides resistance against corrosion in places where impact resistance is not desired.


In polyethylene coating, PE raw material is used as a thermoplastic polymer. This type of coating, which has two types of low or high density polyethylene, is highly resistant to impacts and corrosion. Polyethylene coating; epoxy powder , adhesive and polyethylene are applied as three layers. Coating Processes: :

  • 1.Heating
  • 2.Epoxy Powder
  • 3.Adhesive Film
  • 4.Polyethylene Film
  • 5.Cooling
  • 6.Holiday Test
  • 7.Pipe and Cleaning (Cut-back)

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